The Trump Variants – SOME MORE NEWS

Hello. Here is a video about Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced, and Matt Gaetz and the way all of them wish to be the following Donald Trump.

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Government Producer Katy Stoll (@KatyStoll). Written by El Yurman (@elyurman) @startthemachine. Directed by Will Gordh (@will_gordh). Edited by Gregg Meller. Graphics by F. Clint DeNisco.

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Supply Listing:

0:00 – Introduction
2:47 – I Guess We’re Speaking About Ron DeSantis Now
7:40 – MTG, Matt Gaetz And The Different GOP Ghouls
16:59 – Ron DeSantis – Institution In The Streets, MAGA In The Sheets
30:30 – No One In The GOP Is As In style As Trump
36:53 – JD Vance And Blake Masters – Peter Thiel’s Blood Boys
43:43 – What If Trump Would not Run?
52:49 – Democrats Ought to Run On Points As a substitute Of Being Obsessed With Trump

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The Trump Variants – SOME MORE NEWS

28 thoughts on “The Trump Variants – SOME MORE NEWS”

  1. Like that lady Michelle is exactly the type of body shape that I'm attracted to but she's playing it up so hard in that ad and trying to be like "Look at me I'm sexy" that is unsexy (not that it would be anyway with the subject). But it's so obvious what she's trying to do that it's insulting to me so hard that she's not even hate-hot.

  2. I don't wanna be the president! I don't have any fake charities for campaign funds to go to, don't have a business where i too can ignore the emoluments clause…I don't even have one of those flag lapel pin thingys. And I really wanna ride in a top down convertible someday! So no, no presidenting for me.

  3. Surely all Fiore's opponent had to do was release a campaign ad in response pointing out how "that girl wasted three perfectly good beers. Vote for me and I will personally make sure that no beer goes to waste!"

    Guaranteed win, even if they were a Democrat.

  4. So serious question. For most episodes I am only going to watch/listen once. I don’t have a huge preference to watching on YouTube or listening to the podcast, is one better for you all?

  5. “You can just say F-bleep- Joe Biden. F-bleep- Joe Biden!”

    This is a really well formulated joke for how short it was, love the layers.

  6. you're literally just circlejerking, i would be surprised if this converted any republican as you'd have to package way more into why Trump is racist or why Biden is weak, and I get that spiteful commentary is probably your way of coping with all this fucked shit, but i imagine this as very easy to write off as far left propaganda, which I guess is fine if you just want to remind people who are politically aligned with you to stay angry

  7. "In America [guy actually means USA] we could support family from single income. Something happened"
    That something being decades of lower taxes for the rich, starting with Reagan administration, plus pretty much next to none fighting against "legal" tax evasion.

  8. I can't not think of calling repbulicans gops from now on. I know that shouldn't be a main take away from this but….nevermind, end of sentence.

  9. I’m disappointed you didn’t cover Lauren Boebert’s insane history like you did Gaetz and MTG. From giving food poisoning to a bunch of people at the county fair, to marrying a dude who got arrested for show his member to underage girls at a bowling alley. She’s also just incredibly dumb.

    She’s unfortunately representing my district. So admittedly I just want the catharsis of hearing Cody crack jokes about her….oh well. I still appreciate what you do! Thanks 🙏🏻

  10. love the shizz out of y'all, but might I suggest chopping these epic crunches into bite-sized pieces, preferably numbered so that others could find the rest of the video as a whole, in their own time? Your videos are AMAZING, but making them more digestible & easy to find MORE info on the topic, would make it more palatable to share with the nombrains…


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