'That's Where Trump Is Headed': Schumer Laces Into Trump For Endorsement Of Viktor Orbán

Former President Donald Trump on Monday supplied his “Full help and Endorsement” of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Hungary’s upcoming election, backing a person critics decry as one in all Europe’s most far-right, authoritarian heads of state. Senator Schumer (D-NY) laced into the previous president over this endorsement at a press occasion on Tuesday.

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'That's Where Trump Is Headed': Schumer Laces Into Trump For Endorsement Of Viktor Orbán

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39 thoughts on “'That's Where Trump Is Headed': Schumer Laces Into Trump For Endorsement Of Viktor Orbán”

  1. Well, at least he is admitting he is attempting to stop state legislatures at all cost! He is saying the quiet 🤐 parts out loud.

  2. Careful there, Chuck. You may need Trump's help. He's gonna be elected for his third term in 2024.

  3. Yes, Chuck – people with common sense believe in CONTROLLING their borders and knowing WHO and HOW MANY people are entering the country.

    They also ensure that newcomers integrate and assimilate with the wider population to protect and preserve a country’s individual customs and traditions.

    All countries are different, and it’s called having a sense of belonging.

  4. He talks he lies
    Pelosi is the one being the 01/06
    They are getting scared and worried
    We know now left doesn’t care about people

  5. Seven ways to Sunday he will get you!!!!!
    This Jackass threatened the President and the SCOTUS and is still speaking insurrection when no one has been charged or the fact they killed Ashly Babbitt in a attempt to blame our rightful President Trump.
    Time to tar and feather these people.

  6. Perhaps you should ask the Hungarians, you know, the people who live in their country and don’t even know Washington, if Viktor Orban is a dictator.

  7. We shall see who laughs last. Old man without wisdom. Ps there is a reason GOD allowed Biden to be president and its in honour of president Trump. Because people now see and knows the truth.

  8. Rioters were encouraged by democrats who organized the mobs(probably have paid) bad acters to Riot. They all knew it was going to take place and did nothing to beef up security. This is not on Trump. Pelosi knew and should had ordered NATIONAl Gaurd,FBI,and SECRET SERVICE ON STAMD BY.PELOSI WANTED,AND HAD A HAND IN THE ORDERING OF JANUARY 6 INSURRECTION.PROBABLY ASSISTED IN FINANCING THESE SAID RIOTORS FINANCIAL MONEY FOR THIS,PLANES,TRAINS,BUSSES,hotel,motels and food.this democratic bunch of losers are.afraid of THE. MAN WHO WAS MAKIMng OUR CONTRY GREAT Again

  9. If you took the word TRUMP out of democrats vocabulary they couldnt form sentences. Trump has been out over a year and its all they talk about


  11. Can't somebody remove these stupid liars . Take them off the media, all Schumer knows how to do is lie, just like most of the democrats

  12. How many times must you be told…Trump's cult, including the Senate, is mind–controlled, also including those he turned into his personal militia.
    So first the mind-control was part of HIS election rigging.
    Surely you recall our government using electronic mind control to rig foreign elections, so why would you act so ignorant of realities???? All of you keep replaying horrid scripts that ultimately mean you actually achieve nothing and you are allowing 147 traitors to have say & control over laws impacting citizens.
    Enough of the criminal charades. You are allowing a Covid Coup to destroy this nation. Likely also profiting from your own treason.
    Trump should have been imprisoned before Jan 2020 ended. Instead he is still openly considering running again, when the Constitution says he cannot, having been impeached, and yet the charade plays on. So 147 traitors reduced Treasonous behavior to a non-capital insurrection — so they aided and abetted no impeachment…or conviction, for the most heinous criminality modern America has ever seen, and while McConnell is now the minority leader, you spineless Dems let him still run the show.
    You and Pelosi are not helping your party. In fact most of the nation wants the Progressive agenda but you f**k up your own party.
    But you cannot say you had no idea that Trump mind-controlled half the nation and Congress.
    Time for you & Pelosi to retire…altho neither of you deserve retirements.

  13. all schemmer thinks is TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP .. . . he can not do his fucken job in the capital worth shit

  14. The Americans know that it is Schumer and the lying criminal racist corrupted satanic hell bound Democrats that is destroying the country. Trying to change the rules so that you can continue to cheat in upcoming elections.


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