SHOCK CLAIM: Trump Had "Off the Books" Meetings to Circumvent Records Laws

–Donald Trump’s former White Home Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claims that Donald Trump intentionally held “off the books” conferences so as to circumvent information legal guidelines

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Broadcast on November 15, 2021

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SHOCK CLAIM: Trump Had "Off the Books" Meetings to Circumvent Records Laws

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28 thoughts on “SHOCK CLAIM: Trump Had "Off the Books" Meetings to Circumvent Records Laws”

  1. There is no record of Trump's conversation with Putin from the Helsinki summit. Before Trump was elected Don Jr. wanted a back channel for communication with Russians. There is nothing surprising about Trump blowing off the Presidential Records act.

  2. he wasn't up all night just watching reruns and snorting uppers, he was plotting his dictatorship. voting him out save America's freedoms.

  3. Well with all those sleaze ball lawyers he had, how are you all surprised that he was able to go through the loopholes of the laws. Mr Bonehead thinks he's invincible, remember this?
    "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK?"🤣

  4. She was Trump's press secretary? Hmph, there were so many and some of them came and went so quickly that I don't even remember her.

  5. Yes another sleaze…. I didn't rob the bank I was just driving the car…..traitors/terrorists, they all should be in a military prison till this gets sorted out

  6. All you do is Trash Trump. Do you realize you support a mentally unstable president? Joe Biden is The worst President in History!!!

  7. Wow,bombshell after bombshell after bombshell,I’m beginning to think that there’s a hell of a lot more in the man’s corrupt past ,tenure while POTUS ,and his deviant behavior now.

  8. Dude, off the books? Nothing new here! That is Rumps style. I'm a native NYC resident, try under the table, back door deals, & greasing palms. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. When Guiliani was the mayor x8 years, they were thicker than thieves. The mayor's office closed their eyes to crooked development deals. From the payoffs, the City named the West Side Hwy after this Crook. 🤢 🤮 Chris Christie, brags when he was Governor x8 years in NJ, they were good friends. "I scratch your back, you scratch mine". All these "buddies" team up for the Trump ride. Trump BUYS his "yes" men.
    When will people get "woke"!

  9. Why would that surprise anyone, remember him consficating the notes made by the interpreters, and having meetings with only Russian interpreters?

  10. There is no papered crime that his 70milliom voters know how to read or understand. Our failed state will allow people to exonerate a kiddie rapist so long as he hates liberals.

  11. If these super radical corrupt Republicans regain the house and Senate They will RIG every election and the democracy will become an authoritarian dictatorship THESE
    Republicans are totally evil, seriously these are sociopaths
    It has been that way since the day they assassinated John F
    Kennedy But it has become worse When a man that constantly lies and has developed a cult
    This has become crazy land Get out and vote BLUE

  12. If people couldn't make millions off of books I wonder if we would ever know the truth about anything. These people should be barred from making money from their knowledge. They did nothing when it mattered but now months after it happened, now they are heros. Fuck these people.


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