Reacting To BTS and some Funny Youtube Videos!!!

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About Me ► My title is Nischay Malhan. I am from Delhi and I am an engineering pupil. Now I’m pursuing youtube Full Time. I make household pleasant clear comedy movies on this channel for everybody to get pleasure from with their household. You do not want earphones to look at my movies😂

Thanks For Studying😘

Reacting To BTS and some Funny Youtube Movies!!!

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49 thoughts on “Reacting To BTS and some Funny Youtube Videos!!!”

  1. honestly i am so glad that you reacted even though you knew it could be dangerous for your channel i just mean that i am proud being your fan because you value your fans

  2. You know
    if our fave youtuber says or react to out fave celebritie(s) we just passes away. Coz of happiness
    Like me he's reacting to BTS and BLACKPINK I love k-pop
    Im assessed with kpop and triggered insaan after seeing this stream

  3. Boi
    Pls pls pls be BTS Army
    Pls and make a full video on it when you're an ARMY
    Army of whatever fandom name of k-pop is, it means die-heart fan
    And I'm not just Army
    Im also BLINK MIDZY and also kinda FOREVER

  4. Istg even I wanna know the reason for people hating BTS so much🙂💔I mean they are just like other Music Band , they usually don't speak English but still they are so amazing while singing 💜they aren't just simply famous, they are famous for a reason😩💜✨

  5. Dance steps in song "permission to dance" specifically choreographed in Sing language so 1.5B people affected by Hearing loss can also understand the song and enjoy it. And the song is about to coming out from Pandemic and enjoy, dance
    And Mic drop song is written for Haters just to roast them 😂

  6. Bhaiya aap ka naam jo bhi hai maithili bhul gayi Hoon to and sorry main aapse bahut pyar karti ho aur main aapki bahut badi fan bhi


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