One year later, mentioning January 6th at a Trump event doesn't go well

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan talks to Trump supporters one year after the Capitol assault. Many are in denial.
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One year later, mentioning January 6th at a Trump event doesn't go well

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22 thoughts on “One year later, mentioning January 6th at a Trump event doesn't go well”

  1. The world in general are full of idiots. It was on cnn I first heard Dukakis lie about the shadow gov being formed after 9-11 attacks and it was cnn who first reported Dukakis was telling lies because he was seen in one of the very buildings being constructed for the continuance of government to exist. Those called insurrectionists and sedationist are far from it since the continuance of government act was enacted since it was set as a guarantee the US gov will continue after a catastrophic event rendered it inoperable, so there is no more insurrection charges valid unless there is proof the rioters intended to destroy all branches of government and all branches of the US military and the shadow government made up of selected non elected by the people personnel . The right of the people according to the constitutional destroy and replace a rouge and tyrannical gov was absolved after George bush singed the continuance of gov act so it appears charging them as seditionist or anything like domestic terrorist intent on overthrowing the gov is really null and void. They were destined to fail because of the shadow gov. Trying to charge trump is not possible because he wouldn’t have been President anyway, even if Biden did win the election because the continuance of gov act would have put in place an unelected President. There would have been a fake whitehouse fake Congress fake senate controlling the actual military and other agencies so those charges are all bogus but you keep pushing the idiot agenda.
    I’m no trump fan, I think this crap started when armed civillians began showing up at polling places claiming to protect democracy when it was clear they weren’t . Trumps and idiot pence was a hand puppet their followers are idiots trumps attorneys should be disbarred quartered a d used to feed the marine life in aquariums and everyone needs to FO

  2. There’s a lot of folks in America who were obviously dropped on their heads as infants. Scary dumb in the US. 😳

  3. A Huge Majority of these Trump Supporters look a very Hot Mess plus the Blonde Lady is trying to resemble DTs Daughter… its Insane ‼😱😳😲

  4. You have to be actually brain dead to believe the democrats attempted to stop the certification of the guy they voted for 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  5. It's the FBI…
    It's the CIA…
    It's CNN…
    It's NBC…
    it's TNT…
    it's PBS…
    It's TBS…
    it's ESPN
    it's the Ghostbusters…it's everybody fault but Trump & supporters…you can't fix stupid…

  6. As someone who immigrated here to the US 45 years ago, watching the insurrection on tv left me speechless. Just 2 minutes into this video, I had to stop. When will people wake up to reality?

  7. So here’s my question. With America (and democracy) in turmoil solely due to an ignorant, uneducated percentage of people who happen to align themselves far right/conservative/Republican- how the hell is it stopped?

    Yes, I realize not every Republican thinks this way. Not every conservative thinks this way. Yet for those who do, and for those continuing to have this really bizarre denialism, what can we do as citizens to stop this madness? Anything at all?


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