How will history judge former President Trump?

A panel of historians is releasing its third assortment of essays analyzing and assessing the accomplishments and failures of a presidential administration. However for the primary time, a former president, Donald Trump, spoke to the historians to supply his personal tackle his time in workplace. Correspondent Rita Braver talks with Princeton College’s Julian Zelizer, who assembled the panel, and with the teachers who unpack history’s first judgment of the forty fifth president.

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How will history judge former President Trump?

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42 thoughts on “How will history judge former President Trump?”

  1. Bless The Strength Of American Type Democracy.

    Why is our Democracy so strong,

    that even an assault on our Capitol

    by deluded miscreants won't weaken it, but the opposite?

    The strength comes from a built-in tolerance for the extreme.

    America possesses a history of very diverse behavior and views,

    with our Constitution and Rules of Laws anchoring outcomes.

    Presently, the next evolution of our Democracy

    is guided by forceful reaction to the events of 6 Jan. 2021,

    with the miscreants, T.Rump on down to trespasser,

    being put in their place politically and legally.

    American Democracy was strengthened

    by the irrational phenomenon of an accidental President,

    and the likewise behavior of many who believed his lies.

    Many believe America has been weakened to the World,

    but this is a short-sighted impression to be proven untrue.

    America was, is, and will continue to carry the Liberty Torch.

    The Mother of all true Democracy continues to embrace us,

    asks us to clean up after yet another fight for freedom.

    So there you go, America, enjoy it, and for heaven's sake "VOTE"!

  2. History has judged him already—a ghastly, idiotic, sad, sick, failed, spiteful, deranged, bigoted, despotic, entitled, puerile, pestilential, shockingly vengeful, mind-bogglingly heartless, breathtakingly childish megalomaniac who connived and scammed his way to the presidency, and saw it as nothing more than a vanity project.

    Ironically, it was another bigot who described him best, and I'm paraphrasing: "When anybody that dangerous gets hold of the launch codes, it's everybody's business."

  3. Let's see the fake baby bone spur that was never a president because he cheated to win with a murdering dictator Vladimir Putin. 14 secret meetings with Putin and Trump still failed with his beloved insurrection that was a peaceful protest yeah right. 22 Time Business failure. Six bankruptcies. Trump charity had to close for 10 years cuz he was stealing from it and he didn't go to prison! Trump University had to pay back 25 million dollars cuz it wasn't a university he got sued by the people that went there. Impeached twice should have been removed twice but Republicans protected him. Slept around on all three of his wives and has to pay for sex with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougall $150, 000 and $130,000. He didn't go to prison for it but Michael Cohen did. Trump has a scapegoats everywhere. I sure hope he's going to be behind bars real soon. Let's not forget the disgusting human being kidnapped 2600 children and United Nation had to tell him it's wrong.
    Donald Trump is the straight to the human race.
    This baby said he's the chosen one… Seriously he used a sharpie to change a hurricane map to match his tweets. Now the Twitter bader bees kicked off a Twitter, Google, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Only baby in history ever got kicked off of all platforms.
    Sad so sad love 🥰😘

  4. It depends on if the historians will be communist socialist Democrats or Freedom-loving Americans. If it is the communist/socialist Democrats, then Trump will be remembered poorly. If Americans win out, then he will go down as one of the greatest of all time.

  5. History…to be revised by the current CCP-aligned stooges. No. The current cohort of seditious slugs has to be removed and held accountable for crimes against this country. That's all. After that, we can have a conversation about the contributions of President Trump.

  6. He should be judged as one of the most evil, dangerous leaders who ever lived. And hopefully he'll read all about it in his prison cell.

  7. The Corona virus is child's play compared to the psychopathy, narcissism and racism that Trump made acceptable behaviour.

  8. It just happened . There is a good chance that there will be a return to the planets of the Ape with a Albino Ape as their leader . This was just a trial run . There is hope for any of us with accumulated power & firepower to take what you want without fear or moral values or thought for others well deserving .

  9. lol…@10:47, Somewhere in the ether sphere, James Buchanan just thrusted both fist in the air, and enthusiastically exclaimed: "YE-E-SS-S!! "

  10. He is a failure as a human being. Need we say more? He inherited a calm worldwide exterior that he promptly turned to unrest and chaos. FoxConn was a joke that he and Scott Walker touted, then pretended they never acknowledged it. Those entire four years were awash in lies up to his eyeballs. The stress we endured as a country was bordering on the catastrophic, and he created havoc on January 6, for which he should be tried and held accountable. Treason is not too far a reach.

  11. His China policy is exactly his business practices, point is, was he an honest businessman ever? Filed bankruptcy how many times and cooked up the books to get federal aid to shore up his seemingly smart investments “loses”? China trade were made all by those very smart and shrewd American businesses, not Chinese.

  12. HE will be remembered as a
    complete disgrace to the Oval
    Office, a total failure as a
    leader, politician, statesman,
    and as the malignant despot
    who almost made a trainwreck
    of our Democracy ⚠️🚩❗

  13. (AG William)  Barr responded, “Well, history is written by the winners, so it largely depends on who’s writing the history.”

  14. History will judge Trump correctly and that can not be manipulated by today's partisan hacks and the biased media. Time always tells the truth. You can not control it. There has been more Covid-19 deaths under Joe Biden than Donald Trump, even with the vaccines made possible by President Trump. Joe Biden promised to unite the country….we're still waiting a year later. CBS Sunday Morning is showing a clip of President Trump speaking about injections, but not showing the full context of his speech. When Covid first hit, President Trump was dealing with an ever changing pandemic situation and took questions daily from the media, often speaking off the cuff in the process. President Biden doesn't take questions at all, during his campaign or presidency, and when he does, he calls out two or three reporters by name, as if they were given to him in advance. No matter what the media tries to feed the general public, they are seeing the results of Joe Biden's policies in their daily lives. There is no hiding from Democratic failure. America will win in the end. God bless us all.


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