Hannity: Blaming Donald Trump for everything is not a winning strategy

Sean Hannity discusses Youngkin’s lead in shut Virginia governor race as remaining votes are counted. #FoxNews #Hannity

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Hannity: Blaming Donald Trump for everything is not a winning strategy


32 thoughts on “Hannity: Blaming Donald Trump for everything is not a winning strategy”

  1. Really? Try blaming Hillary for everything! Try blaming EVERYONE for everything except yourself when you are the president, like Trump did over and over.

  2. Trump has been gone 11 months. Democrats know the majority of Americans don’t want their CRT socialist agenda. They keep saying republicans are Trump people who cannot be trusted when they voted for one of the most corrupt politicians in history. I loved Trump. He was a great President. Don’t care about tweets because he still did great putting Americans first. I want him back in politics but not president. The left will sabotage everything and waste money on BS impeachments. I’d love for him to be VP or Secretary of State. DeSantis as President. Too many stupid CNN and MSM fools still believe Jan 6th was his doing.
    But if he were Secretary of State no one would eff with us ever again.

  3. We all know Democrats will make ballots appear over night out of nowhere and bring the Dem to victory. – just wait for it.

  4. Everyone grt ready 22 taking the house and senate then 24 we can welcome the greatest president ever back with open arms LETS GO BRANDON

  5. Virginians were fooled. Youngkin is a Bush Family Deep State operative. Like Pence, he’s anti-Trump and Hannity’s too stupid to see it.

  6. Biden should increase to 999,999 us dollars to any illegal immigrants families, they are the Americans and the future of our society evolution

  7. Joe Biden is anything but unpopular. It doesn't make any difference how many voters don't like him they're not the ones who do the installing. There's nothing Voters can do about it, we just witness it 9 months ago

  8. Wait, what's this? A heretofore unseen and uncounted box full of votes. No really, it was there, under that table. You know, the one we just set up 15 minutes ago. And they all seem to be for McAuliffe, how strange.

  9. Congratulations Governor elect Glen Youngkin and to all the good Virginia voter's who made this happen, God bless you all.

  10. ok so everyone is praising the "mama bears" / suburban moms for the likely win in VA…. um, werent these same idiots (suburban moms) the ones that voted Biden into office to start all this crap? didnt like trumps mean tweets ? yep..sure was…

  11. Shame on the people who voted for Terry! I am not even American but I question what their rationale was other than being disruptive mind.


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