Donald Trump’s First Post-Presidency Book is a PICTURE BOOK!!!

Jesse talks about Donald Trump’ lies associated to not profiting off his presidency in addition to his new guide, which isn’t a memoir, however a “espresso desk guide” crammed with a whole bunch of pictures. What a mook!

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Donald Trump’s First Post-Presidency Book is a PICTURE BOOK!!!

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21 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s First Post-Presidency Book is a PICTURE BOOK!!!”

  1. It comes with it's on Sharpie so you can redraw in alternative facts. Or the truth about the most lyingest resident in history.

  2. I hope the photographers get the lion share of the profits.
    After all their work is the only thing that makes this literary epic possible.
    (No I don't actually think they'll see a solitary cent. You don't get to resemble an Oompa Loompa by paying other people for their work)

  3. Haaaahaaa I'm not surprised…It show's he's level of education because he couldn't understand basic business words & describing detailed terms of use in agreements that was written by his negotiators with other countries

  4. I predict that the book will be a great flop. In a coffee table book Trump won’t want to talk trash on all the usual baddies, which is the only thing that would motivate his base to fork up the $.


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