Donald Trump DRAGGED into Courtroom KICKING and SCREAMING

A choose has ordered Donald Trump to present a video deposition in a case dealing with him for civil points. That is one other signal that Trump post-presidency cannot keep away from the legislation

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Donald Trump DRAGGED into Courtroom KICKING and SCREAMING

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29 thoughts on “Donald Trump DRAGGED into Courtroom KICKING and SCREAMING”

  1. 1). Statues Coming Down!
    2). An Ex- President Goes to Prison!
    3) A Divorce & The Media will Love It
    4) Conservatives Will Blame Left!
    5) Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Karen in Prison.
    6). America Will Fan The Flame 🔥 of Racism.
    7). America Wil continues struggle to become United!
    8). Large Games/ Finals US are only having Fun.
    9). The Police will be Protected until Citizens had enough, and they will Resign.
    10. America is on its Way to become a 3rd World Country!

  2. He will just lie, he will get away with it all. Because they're all afraid of him.. I'm not he can only kill me once.

  3. When is Trump going to jail,,,for all His(trump)mishaps??? All these lawyers are!! If us regular citizens would be able to do 1/16 of what trump and his people are getting away with,,, this country wouldn't exist..
    Stop giving trump the time of day!
    If we let Trump run again after all the wrong he's done, then why have a Government???

  4. Trump Virus 2020-2021
    There can be no justice for our dead loved ones until Trump and all his accomplices are behind bars especially his family and those supporters commiting crimes in his name!

  5. Yeah would be nice but trump is a snake and will slither his way out of it. Nobody will hold him accountable for anything

  6. They still haven't subpoenaed him to testify for Jan 6th. he's the mastermind if you can think of him having a mind at all.
    i want to see him lie under oath.

  7. DUDE- really? Enough clickbait headlines. He WAS NOT DRAGGED kicking and screaming. – he was ORDERED to give a deposition and as of this moment he has not shown up.

  8. If Donald Trump escapes justice just like in both of his impeachments it will be to the eternal shame of the American justice system. Surely Donald Trump can not run for any public office because of the 14th amendment section 3? I doubt it will ever happen but if and when Trumps finally thrown in prison I'm having a party to celebrate the DOJ doing its duty, we will see, I live in hope. God bless American justice and American democracy and I pray lessons have been learnt and there are standards and checks in place for future presidential candidates, so a person like Donald Trump who was so obviously unsuitable for any public office be not allowed to run for president of America. 👎💩😤🤬😠🇬🇧🇬🇧.

  9. His lawyers will get an injunction and take the order to court for the next couple of years. And this would be the least of his challenges.


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