Buss It Challenge | TikTok Compilation

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Buss It Challenge (Make-up Transition) | TikTok Compilation

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Erica Banks – Buss It Lyrics:
Checkin’ your reflection and tellin’ your greatest pal
Like, “Lady, I feel my butt gettin’ large”
Bust it, bust it, bust it, bust it
Is you fuckin’? Two pictures, fuck it

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Buss It Challenge | TikTok Compilation

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45 thoughts on “Buss It Challenge | TikTok Compilation”

  1. The second one is a PH moment where step bro bout to tell mom and dad shes doing stuff for social media. He bout to get all the goodies for that blackmail.

  2. Where’s all the black women doing this challenge! Damn y’all really do take and clutter the culture

  3. Don't wanna sound like a hater but this is just proof any girl you meet on the internet can be FAKE AS FUCK bahaha

  4. 🎶 Get ya tramp on, get ya tramp on, get ya get ya get ya get ya get ya tramp on. This fad is sh*t! 🎶


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