2024 Presidential Election | Donald Trump vs Joe Biden

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2024 Presidential Election | Donald Trump vs Joe Biden

36 thoughts on “2024 Presidential Election | Donald Trump vs Joe Biden”

  1. Again, sorry for the 2 days of not uploading! Losing my voice was pretty bad, but I am pleased to say that I am back!

    Let me know which types of 2024 Matchups you all would like to see 🙂 I'd love to explore further possibilities for the election!

  2. I'm not even American but I don't think Biden will ever run in 2024 because of his health it would be best Trump run again because of what the Democrats and the fake news did to him he need to win back the election and because he loves his country and fight for his people

  3. Trump tried to to illegally overturn an election and now we our thinking he might be re-elected. What a sad state our democracy is in.

  4. If Biden approval doesn't increase exponantialy he is doomed, He won the 2020 election by winning the popular vote by 4,5% and the state of Pennsylvania by just 1,16%, if the popular vote would be about even Trump would win with over 300 electors

  5. I think Michigan will stay blue no matter what, and if it's Trump again the AZ, GA, and NV could all stay blue as an anti-Trump vote

  6. We should be very worry of polls that show Trump up against Biden. When we are going into the midterms, the pool of likely voters is not the same as the pool of likely voters in the presidential elections. In the midterms, the enviornment will likely favor the Republicans. Even if the independents and suburbs swing to the GOP, we don't know if they actually swung or if those that voted where already GOP leaning and the DEM leaning knes stayed home or did indeed switch votes this time. But in the presidential election, it is very different. The electorate will be younger, more diverse, and just be different.
    However, given certain trends, Joe Biden could face possible problems.
    For one, turnout on the GOP will be very high and while I expect it to be high on the DEM side, it may not have the same energy as in 2020.
    The second, and arguably the most crucial, is that it is possible that Democrats continue to crater with white voters, particularly with white working class voters. If Virginia showed us anything, it's that these voters are now seriously entering the dangerously low levels and in states in the rust belt and Arizona, this is a problem.
    It isn't a secret that Hispanics right now don't like Joe Biden. If this continues into the 2024 election, there is a possible continuation of this trend. If that happens, it becomes increasingly unlikely that Biden can win Florida or even be competitive, Georgia becomes tough but possible, Arizona becomes extremely difficult, and Nevads would come into play.
    Finally, I've played around with that election shuffler. In order for a Republican to win the popular vote, the margins in every state needed is near impossible. We are talking like winning NH by 7, winning Maine, winning DELAWARE (some polling suggested Trumo could win it along with demographics, but this was only in the case of any Democrat BUT Joe Biden where the polls showed Biden up by 15-20 points). GOP would need 40 in California, double digit in Texas, I mean currently just near impossible. And even with all of that, it translated to an R+2 general vote. So for a Republican to win the popular vote, let alone by Biden margins, the amount of shift you need is simply too much without any unexpected shift minority voters and reversion of white college educated voters.

  7. It'll probably the best thing for Trump to run for the Democrats. They have nothing to run on but anti Trump since he's unpopular among independents

  8. All I’m saying is people need stop undermining the support of these bills I talk to voters who like these bills and they want action I was in Colorado I talk to them about and I’m going to Montana South Carolina and New Hampshire

  9. This is a dramatic swing to the republicans and the right when are you going to talk about the 58 percent of approval of the BBB the build back better bill which is going to give good paying jobs clean eagerly green healthcare expansion will create 1.3 – 2.1 million jobs if you add up the bipartisan infrastructure bill or biff has a lot of great stuff for lead pipes water clean energy green and more internet acces and 68 billon dollars for broadband 63 percent approval

  10. Lol…..indies and liberals right now are why Biden numbers are low. Put Trump against him and that's all you need for them to vote Biden once they see Trump is the nominee. There's very little indies and liberals that want Trump as president again.

  11. BLM terrorists are the biggest threat in America today BLM terrorists have killed more Americans than ISIS could ever dream of

  12. A Racist Anti-Trump BLM supporter murdered 5 people including kids in Wisconsin radicalized by the fake news media like MSNBC and CNN but the mainstream media won't cover it in a day they will go back to MUH JANUAAARY 6766TH where the only death was an innocent unarmed protester who was shot by Biden's fascist cops

  13. I’m more republican leaning but I actually disagree with New Hampshire. Biden won by around 10 percent i think and his approval rating in NH is only about -1% or so, I’m imagining he would still win that state by around 3-5%

  14. People need to remember that lousy approval ratings for first-term Presidents are actually quite common. Every President, even one-term Presidents, had the same situation where their approval rating sunk between 35%-45%. In the end, only 3 elected incumbent Presidents since 1932 have lost reelection and they had to screw-up royally to cause that. If Biden got COVID relief and now his Infrastructure Bill, if he can get his BBB Spending Bill and a Supreme Court Pick before the 2022 midterms, that could very well be enough to earn him a second term on that alone, especially if the economy really begins coming back from the pandemic. We cannot see what 2024 will be like until 2022 comes through (2018 into 2020 proved that), so right now Biden needs to focus on getting his big pieces of legislation through to make sure his major structural changes are implemented before 2023. The final thing for Biden is that we need to keep an eye on Allan Lichtman's 13 keys system, as of right now I would say only 2 are false and 4 are true as off now, we still have to see more of the Biden Presidency to get the others, but Biden currently seems to be on projection to earning at least 8 or more true keys which in turn means he likely will win reelection according to Allan Lichtman. That being said, Trump likely was too, but quickly became the fastest President in Allan Lichtman's system to go from guaranteed reelection to losing in 2020, barely. So a lot could happen between now and 2024 for sure.

  15. The working class is quickly turning on Biden b/c of inflation and gas prices. We’re not stupid. We remember paying $2/gallon (and less) under Trump for 4 years. IDGAF what he posts on Twitter, I’m voting for the person who makes my life easier.


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